Coolest Polly Pocket Cake Ideas

Coolest Polly Pocket Cake Ideas and Photos

My daughter wanted a Polly Pocket cake for her 7th birthday. Since she thinks Starbucks is so cool to visit we thought we’d have Polly and her friends visit Starbucks. I cut a door and window out of a mailing box and then frosted it to look like a building. I added green fondant around … Read more

Coolest Polly Pocket Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

My daughter wanted a Polly Pocket cake. I used the new Wilton Cakes n More 3 Tier Party Stand as the base which made it easy to take apart for decoration and transport. The floor tiles were graham crackers cut up. Pet pens were made of pretzels and Little Debbie oatmeal cakes. For the clothing … Read more

Coolest Polly Pocket Birthday Cake

Homemade Polly Pocket Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Polly Pocket so I said I would make her a Polly Pocket Birthday Cake .I started off with 4 white cake mixes, put each cake mix in its own bowl and then added a different neon food color for each cake mix. I spooned each color in different parts of the pan. … Read more

Coolest Polly Pockets Cake

Homemade Polly Pockets Cake

My daughter requested a Polly Pockets Cake for her 6th birthday. All the ideas I found on the internet were pool or summer themed, and didn’t seem appropriate for a February birthday. While I was at Joann’s buying icing coloring, I saw a Wilton’s “Stand-Up House Pan”, and inspiration struck. First, I used two cake … Read more

Coolest Polly Pocket Cakes

Polly Pocket Cakes

For my daughter’s birthday tea party, I made individual Polly Pocket cakes for the little girls. I used the Wilton Mini Wonder Mold Pan for the dress skirts. After baking and cooling the cakes, I stuck a Polly Pocket in the top of each cake. I then iced the skirts and the bodice of each … Read more