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Coolest Polly Pocket Cakes

For my daughter’s birthday tea party, I made individual Polly Pocket cakes for the little girls. I used the Wilton Mini Wonder Mold Pan for the dress skirts.

After baking and cooling the cakes, I stuck a Polly Pocket in the top of each cake. I then iced the skirts and the bodice of each Polly. I used pink icing as the base for each dress and then embellished with different colors of icing to make it all really colorful.

I matched up each Polly’s hair color/style to our guests and iced each girl’s name on the front of the dress. This makes it really special for each girl and also serves the role of a place card.

After the girls enjoyed their cakes, I cleaned off each Polly and tossed it into the treat bags which already had the doll’s clothing and accessories that they came with. These made fabulous party favors!

I received many compliments on these precious cakes! If your little girl loves Polly Pockets as much as mine does, then she’ll love these cakes.

Coolest Polly Pocket Cakes

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  1. Wow Absolute genius! What a great idea!! I know the girls must have truly enjoyed these beautiful cakes!!! What a great mom! Bravo!


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