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Coolest Polly Pockets Cake

My daughter requested a Polly Pockets Cake for her 6th birthday. All the ideas I found on the internet were pool or summer themed, and didn’t seem appropriate for a February birthday. While I was at Joann’s buying icing coloring, I saw a Wilton’s “Stand-Up House Pan”, and inspiration struck. First, I used two cake mixes to make a 17×19 cake, crumb coated it, and iced it with Moss Green icing and Tip 233 (grass tip). I left a trail across for the road, which I made with Cupid’s mix M&Ms.

For the house, I used one cake mix. After crumb coating, I followed the directions that came with the pan, using Polly Pocket colors (white, magenta and violet). To decorate the front of the house, I left it laying on parchment paper with the front side up so that it would be easier to decorate. I would also recommend icing the sides and roof before sitting it up.

The cake actually does stand up on its own, but it needs a sturdy surface underneath. If you try to stand it up on top of the other cake, it will fall over. I had a piece of Tupperware that was the same size as the bottom of the house, so I turned it upside down and pressed it into the cake. Then I set the house on top. I added icing around the base of the house to cover up the gaps, then added the car and Polly Pockets. I left space to write Happy Birthday, but would recommend smoothing the icing if you are going to write; the bumpy grass doesn’t work well with writing.

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