Monster High Topsy Turvy Cake for My Monster

Monster High Cake for My Monster

I never knew I would have this talent, but I do now. And I absolutely love it. I made this Monster High cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday. I put pieces of what she like together. I sculpted the sugar skull and hand-painted it. This cake was my first topsy turvy cake. My daughter’s reaction … Read more

Cool Homemade Bionicles Cake

Cool Homemade Child Birthday Cake Ideas and How-To Tips

My son loves “Bionicles” by Lego – but you cannot find kits for them. So I just had to come up with a Bionicles child birthday cake for his 7th birthday. I love to sculpt and I get to do cakes at work, and I just knew the two could work together. Step 1: I … Read more

Coolest Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Barbie Birthday Cake Photos and Tips

For this Barbie birthday cake I used the Wilton wonder mold pan, with a 10-inch round underneath. The bodice is made with fondant and painted with silver luster dust. The roses are buttercream. More Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas Barbie cake by Debbie H., Manchester, England I had more fun getting the doll ready and her … Read more

Coolest Homemade Barbie Cakes

Coolest Barbie Cakes on the Web's Largest Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

If your little girl is into Barbie, this is the cake for you. Barbie cakes are not all that hard to make and my daughter absolutely loved it! The idea for this cake is not a new one. My grandmother made a cake such as this for me when I was little. I started off … Read more

Coolest Barbie Doll Cakes and Barbie Cake Pictures

Coolest Barbie Cake Pictures on the Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Gallery

I got lots of inspiration from the Barbie cake pictures on this site. I made this Barbie cake from scratch. The garden as the base was a chocolate cake and the skirt is a butter cake. For the garden, I used chocolate fingers as the fencing and also the pathway. The flowers are plastic from … Read more

Coolest Homemade Barbie Doll Cake Ideas

Coolest Barbie Doll Cake Photos and Tips

This is a Barbie doll cake I made for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I used three 9” spring form pans for the skirt. I added icing to each layer then covered it in plastic and it went in the freezer overnight. The next day I carved the shape with a knife and used tongs to … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake Ideas

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake Photos and How-to Tips

I followed the instructions of the other cakes on this website, THANKS (Noah and Drake’s cakes specifically). This Baby Einstein caterpillar cake turned out great! I thought I would share my picture. Baby Einstein caterpillar Cake: Wilton’s Sports Ball mold, needed 3 cake mixes – did 3 different flavors (carrot, chocolate and vanilla) for variety … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake Ideas

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake Ideas

My son has an addiction with the Baby Einstein DVD’s since he was three months old! So of course when his first birthday was coming up I knew what I was doing. Thing is I couldn’t find a Baby Einstein caterpillar cake I thought was cute enough to do. So I purchased all the items … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Cake Ideas for the Baby Einstein Caterpillar

Coolest Baby Einstein Cake Photos and Tips

This Baby Einstein cake, a caterpillar, was made for my son’s 1st birthday. It was an easy decision since he was a huge fan of the Baby Einstein videos and would get all excited when the caterpillar would cross the screen. There were also plenty of available party supplies. We only used the plates with … Read more

Cool Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake Ideas

Cool Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cakes

I made this Baby Einstein caterpillar cake for my friend’s daughters first birthday, the theme was as you can see Baby Einstein. I made the body segments with the Wilton sports ball pan, but I didn’t just want a two-dimensional cake so each segment is two halves together. His feet were made with cupcakes, as … Read more

Coolest Bratz Birthday Cake Ideas and Cake Decorating Tips

Coolest Bratz Birthday Cake Photos

This is a Bratz birthday cake that I prepared for a friend of mine whose daughter was having a Bratz themed birthday! I found a picture on the internet and drew it onto waxed paper and then began to fill in the picture with icing. I then froze my design and continued to bake and … Read more

Coolest Barbie Doll Cake Ideas

Coolest Barbie Doll Cake Ideas

I used a real Barbie in the middle of this Barbie doll cake with the old fashioned Barbie cake pan on top of a sheet cake. I traced the swan and freehanded the rest. I piped the basic areas that are higher rather than to try and meticulously add frosting little by little with a … Read more