Coolest 1984 Retro Cake

Coolest 1984 Retro Cake

My son came to me and asked me to make a birthday cake for his fiance as she was turning 30 years old.  Of course the first thing I asked was what would you like?  Her surprise party was going to be 80s themed so he wanted an 80s themed retro cake.  The first thing … Read more

Coolest Puzzling Rubiks Cube Cake

My son has been trying to master the Rubik cube puzzle lately. He can do one or two sides but has not completed it…yet. So we decided to encourage his endeavor with a Rubiks Cube birthday cake. I thought it would be easy. I made a square Minecraft creeper cake last year so I had some ideas. But once I … Read more

Coolest 80’s Theme Rubik’s Cube Cake

Coolest 80's Theme Rubik's Cube Cake

Jenna wanted a fun birthday cake for her husband’s big 3-0! She sent me her birthday invites which were 80’s themed and so cool! The bottom tier was Pac-Man, the middle tier was a Rubik’s cube and the top was a throw back to Mario, except it was Brian coming out of the pipe. The … Read more

Coolest Homemade Rubiks Cube Cake

Homemade Rubiks Cube Cake

This Rubiks Cube cake was made for a friend’s birthday. I made 6 layers of cake using a 10″ square pan, 2″ deep. I then put two layers together with butter cream, so I ended up with 3 cakes, each consisting of 2 layers. They were all placed on 8″ cake boards, lined with tinfoil, … Read more

Coolest Rubik Cube Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Rubik Cube Birthday Cake Design

I used a regular square pan for this Homemade Rubik Cube Birthday Cake Design. I iced and covered it with fondant. I cut different color squares for details on Rubik Cube. Stack cake at location.

Coolest Rubiks Cube Cake

Homemade Rubiks Cube Cake

I made this Rubiks Cube cake for my other half’s 40th birthday. He loves the 80’s era and loved the Rubik cube. So I scoured the internet for pictures and came up with this design. I baked three square cakes and cut them the right width so that when filled with cream and jam the … Read more

Coolest Rubik’s Cube Cake

Coolest Rubiks Cube Cake Ideas and Photos

This Rubik’s cube took a while because a lot of cakes had to be baked to get a square. I did a layer of vanilla, chocolate, vanilla, chocolate. I used chocolate frosting in between the layers covered in fondant and made a template for the squares. I used the cake spray colors and used black … Read more

Cool Homemade Rubiks Cube Cake

Homemade Rubiks Cube Cake

I made this Rubiks Cube cake for my boyfriend’s 25th birthday. It was quite hard to make because here, in Spain, it’s almost impossible to find coloured fondant so I had to make it myself.

Coolest Rubik Cube Cake

Homemade Rubik Cube Cake

This Rubik Cube Cake is a great idea for an 80’s Party! Our daughter decided to have an 80’s party theme and wanted someone to make a Rubik cube cake. We put 4 Battenberge cakes flat on a cake board and stuck them together using a dollop of royal icing. We then bought the colored … Read more

Coolest Rubik’s Cube Cake

Homemade Rubik's Cube Cake

My sister’s 30th birthday party was 1980’s themed (since she was born in 1980). We came up with the homemade Rubik’s cube cake as ideal for the 80’s. This is one for chocoholics – the whole cake is chocolate based – cakes, ganache and the coloured squares. I made 3 types of chocolate mud cake … Read more