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Coolest Rubiks Cube Cake

I made this Rubiks Cube cake for my other half’s 40th birthday. He loves the 80’s era and loved the Rubik cube. So I scoured the internet for pictures and came up with this design.

I baked three square cakes and cut them the right width so that when filled with cream and jam the height is the same as the width. In this case 6 inches.

Place cake on cake on a good sized cake board with a little cram to hold the base in place.

I then filled with choice of filling (double cream mixture (300ml double cream, 30g icing sugar, drop of vanilla) and strawberry jam).

Cover with black roll out icing, or butter cream (not tried this way), and cut colored squares to fit a little smaller than 2 inches each).

Use edible glue or a dab of water to stick the squares on. If the finished look is a bit dusty from the corn flour (used to roll the icing to prevent sticking on the surface) use a soft thin brush and dampen it with water, lightly brush over the cake to sweep off the powder.

My personal choice was to cover the board with black icing before I placed the cake on top. Just swipe over some edible glue on the board, place rolled out icing on top and trim the edges.

There you go, a Rubiks Cube Cake.

Homemade Rubiks Cube Cake

Homemade Rubiks Cube Cake

Homemade Rubiks Cube Cake

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