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Coolest Rubik Cube Cake

This Rubik Cube Cake is a great idea for an 80’s Party! Our daughter decided to have an 80’s party theme and wanted someone to make a Rubik cube cake.

We put 4 Battenberge cakes flat on a cake board and stuck them together using a dollop of royal icing. We then bought the colored roll out icing from a local cake shop and gently rolled it out to a square. We used more of the royal icing to stick it to the marzipan on the cake.

We used some more of the royal icing to draw the lines on (I think we should have used black food coloring at this point), but hubby and I made it in about an hour from start to finish!

Then we bought the liquorice that is like a wheel all rolled up, unrolled it and pulled it apart down the middle then just stuck it on. We did use a ruler to get the gaps right.

I think we could have tried to use black roll out icing for a better finish. Might try that next time.

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