Coolest 1984 Retro Cake

My son came to me and asked me to make a birthday cake for his fiance as she was turning 30 years old.  Of course the first thing I asked was what would you like?  Her surprise party was going to be 80s themed so he wanted an 80s themed retro cake.  The first thing I did was begin to think about all things from the ’80s that I could include on the cake.

The day I started making this cake was the day after I moved into my new apartment.  It wasn’t too ideal for cake baking and decorating, but I tackled it anyway.

Once I decided what would go on the cake I made all of the fondant and cut out all of the decorations and set them aside to dry.  Every decoration is hand cut.

Next, I made all the cakes.  Each tier was comprised of 3 cakes.  The bottom tier was 12 inches and the top 10 inches.  Below is the final product.

This cake took me a total of 22 hours to make, but it was a big success and so very worth it!  Nothing was extremely difficult, but the most time consuming thing on this cake was the Rubik’s cube.  That decoration alone took me 3 hours.

I had a tremendous amount of fun making this cake. A lot of people had forgotten some of the crazy sayings that were around in the 80s.  My son was very pleased with it, but the people who enjoyed it most were my own peers as we were all young mothers in the 80s and Madonna, Michael Jackson, cassette tapes, MTV, roller skating and Pac-Man were all things that defined an era we will never forget.  Making this cake gave me such a nostalgic feeling and brought back so many memories.  I loved making it and I will forever remember that wonderful time of life.  So, I say thank you to my son for giving me the opportunity to make this cake.

Coolest 1984 Retro Cake

Coolest 1984 Retro Cake

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