United States Map Cake

US Map Cake

This cake was made for my brothers summer school history class he was teaching. We figured simple yet effective was the way to go since there was little notice. I started out with white cake and colored a section blue and added red stripes by putting food coloring on a knife and just mixing it … Read more

Coolest Map-Shaped Special Occasion Cake Ideas

Coolest Special Occasion Cake Ideas, Photos and How-To Tips

We decided that our son’s 1st birthday party would be a safari theme. There are many different cakes that can be created for this theme but my husband came up with something a little different. We wanted a special occasion cake for our first birthday. Safaris are taken in Africa so we chose to make … Read more

Coolest Homemade Map-Shaped Special Occasion Cake Photos 1

I made this special occasion cake for the bicentennial of St. John the Baptist parish in Louisiana. I baked four cakes and cut out the shape of Louisiana. Its just a basic white cake, the layers have white icing in the middle and the icing is fondant with butter cream under it. Then I used … Read more

Coolest Red Neck Birthday Cake

Homemade Red Neck Birthday Cake

I made this Redneck Birthday cake for my sister because she is the most redneck girl I know. It was Texas-shaped and draped with a confederate flag, all in fondant.

Coolest State Of California Cake 6

Homemade State Of California Cake

My 12 year old daughter needed a cake for her project on the State of California. I decided to carve the shape of California out of two 9×13 sheet cakes (used two boxes of cake mix per 9×13 pan so they were fairly tall). I iced it with buttercream icing and sprayed the green areas … Read more

Coolest Islands Of Fiji Cake

Islands of Fiji Cake

I first printed off a map of the Fiji Islands from Wikipedia. Since there are over 300 islands, I decided to just do the 2 biggest ones. I baked a 9×13 cake and a 9 in. round cake. I covered the board with aluminum foil and sprayed it with blue color mist. If I did … Read more

Coolest Map Cake

Homemade Darwin's Map Cake

This map cake was to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. (Yes it’s a science geek thing). The cake is vanilla cappuccino (you can make a buttercream icing but add a bunch of espresso instead of milk or cream to get an incredible flavor). To get the map (which is a map of the route that … Read more

Coolest Scrambled States of America Cake

Homemade Scrambled States of America Cake

My two sons’ favorite book is the Scrambled States of America. This Scrambled States of America Cake is their most recent birthday cake. The cake is covered with homemade buttercream and homemade marshmallow fondant. The decorations were done freehand are made out of royal icing (dried on wax paper for three days). I attached them … Read more

Coolest USA Map Cake

Homemade  USA Map Cake

I made this USA Map Cake to look like a map of the USA for my map-obsessed son’s 4th birthday. I found an old Wilton cake pan (circa 1982) on eBay…but if you don’t have one, it would not be too hard to cut out your own USA shape with a knife. Step 1: Bake … Read more