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United States Map Cake

This cake was made for my brothers summer school history class he was teaching. We figured simple yet effective was the way to go since there was little notice.

I started out with white cake and colored a section blue and added red stripes by putting food coloring on a knife and just mixing it around. That way when the cake was cut it would have the markings of a flag. After I leveled it out I put a cutout of America that I made over the cake and made the outline.

I covered the cake in homemade buttercream ,let it dry since there were lots of turns to make, and rolled some homemade marshmallow fondant out and covered the cake. I smoothed the fondant out and made sure all the ends and little “nooks and crannies” were covered.

I took a mixture of water and food coloring and painted the flag onto the cake. Then, I cut some mini marshmallows up for the stars. We the people is yellow buttercream with a #7 tip.

My brother told me the kids loved the cake and all the other history teachers were jealous.

This map cake was pretty easy and fun. It was the most interesting shape I’ve done so far.

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