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Coolest USA Map Cake

I made this USA Map Cake to look like a map of the USA for my map-obsessed son’s 4th birthday. I found an old Wilton cake pan (circa 1982) on eBay…but if you don’t have one, it would not be too hard to cut out your own USA shape with a knife.

Step 1: Bake 1 USA shaped cake (or a large rectangle to cut into a USA shape later). Be sure to grease and flour your pan generously. Bake 2 cakes on cookie sheet (watch as these cook quite quickly) with foil underneath so that you can turn them out of the pan.

Step 2: Turn out the cakes. Place the cookie sheet cakes next to each other and frost with white frosting. Frost the USA cake with white frosting.

Step 3: Dust the large flat cake with blue sugar (make by mixing blue food coloring into granulated sugar).

Step 4: Cut out a paper in the shape of the Great Lakes. Place this over the frosted USA cake in the proper spot. Dust the cake with green sugar. Pull off the Great Lakes paper, and use a spoon to fill in the lakes with blue sugar.

Step 5: Out of paper, make a Google Maps-like place marker (I put his age on mine) and put it where you live. Use frosting to mark Washing DC or other places. Write the names of the oceans, places, etc if you wish.


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