Coolest Vintage Coke Machine Cake

I made this Vintage Coke machine cake for a friend of mine. He wanted something with coke. He was born in 1956. I decided to Google images of 1956 coke machines. I found one I liked and made the cake. I made two  red velvet cakes in a 9×13 pan. I filled it with cream cheese butter cream frosting. I rounded out one … Read more

Tye Dye Van Cake

Tye Dye Van Cake

Start this Tye Dye van cake by preparing a white cake mix. Divide into 6 bowls, and make each bowl a different color.  Spray a loaf pan and use about 3/4 bowl for your bottom color, then use a little less of each color as you continue. I realized after I made one that I … Read more

Coolest 60’s Theme Cake

Coolest 60's Theme Cake Ideas

I made this 60s theme cake for my cousin who was turning 24; she looks, dresses, and acts like she stepped right out of 60’s. The cake pan that I used was the Wilton pirate. I just thought it up and did, I had nothing to look at or go by, I didn’t care for … Read more