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Coolest 60’s Theme Cake

I made this 60s theme cake for my cousin who was turning 24; she looks, dresses, and acts like she stepped right out of 60’s. The cake pan that I used was the Wilton pirate. I just thought it up and did, I had nothing to look at or go by, I didn’t care for the way the hair came out.

I tried to get the tie-dyed effect on parts of the shirt. I used three different colors, and used a toothpick like you would if you making a spider web. The sunflowers were a little too big but that was all I had. They are just run of the mill sunflowers (fake of course)— I got them at the dollar general store for a $1, so I can’t complain.

Good luck in making this cake. I think all together it took less than 3 hours!!!