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Coolest Vintage Coke Machine Cake

I made this Vintage Coke machine cake for a friend of mine. He wanted something with coke. He was born in 1956. I decided to Google images of 1956 coke machines. I found one I liked and made the cake. I made two  red velvet cakes in a 9×13 pan. I filled it with cream cheese butter cream frosting. I rounded out one end of the cake to look like the top of coke machine. This was an easy cake to sculpt. I frosted it with the cream cheese butter cream frosting. I used white chocolate marshmallow fondant that I made. I painted the coca cola image and the year on the cake. I used the Wilton no taste red  to color the fondant, took a lot to get the shade of red that I wanted. I added the details of the coke machine with fondant.

I got great reviews and lots of compliments on this cake. The person that I made the cake for loved it, he said everyone at his job loved it.