Start this Tye Dye van cake by preparing a white cake mix. Divide into 6 bowls, and make each bowl a different color.  Spray a loaf pan and use about 3/4 bowl for your bottom color, then use a little less of each color as you continue. I realized after I made one that I was going to need two loaf shaped cakes so I made up another mix, but I just added purple to it because I had already cleaned up all the other bowls.

After the cakes were cooled I stacked the Tye Dye cake on top of the purple cake with icing in between and then I covered the cake with yellow icing. On the top (roof) of the van cake I made a Tye Dye design by drawing concentric circles with food coloring gel and I used a toothpick (need more than a few) and started at the center and worked my way out.  I used gum for the windows but I painted them with blue coloring gel to make them look tinted. Then I used fruit roll ups and cut into strips to make the stripe around the van and I also rolled up another one to use as the bumper. Then I placed candy flowers on the cake and I put 3 Tye dye gummy bears on the top.

This cake was a lot of fun to make! I made it for my friend’s daughter’s 17th birthday and she absolutely loved it, said it was the coolest cake she ever got!