Coolest Nickle Nickle Birthday Cake

Homemade Nickle Nickle Birthday Cake

This Homemade Nickle Nickle Birthday Cake was made for my son’s birthday at Nickle Nickle! A video arcade, where the games only cost a nickle. We started with two round cakes pans. Simple and cost effective because you probably already have these in your collection. The Homemade Icing! An old recipe from Dream Whip. Once … Read more

Coolest Money Stack Cake

Homemade Money Stack Cake

This money stack cake was inspired by a cake I found on here. I only used two 9×13 pans which made 3 loaves. I used a dab of Kelly green icing color to achieve mint green fondant to match the money. The edible images I received from Edible Rainbow Cakes. I truly enjoyed making this. … Read more

Coolest Money Cake

Homemade Money Cake

I made this homemade money cake for a graduate with an economics degree. I made 7 bundles of money but you can make as many bundles as you wish. Step 1 – Order edible photo copies of $100 bills. I used They came 3 to a sheet, so I ordered 3 sheets and had … Read more

Cool Money and Coin-Shaped Cakes

My best friend’s daughter wanted a cake having to do with “Money” for her 10th birthday so I found a picture of a money bag on the internet and thought this would be neat to have the chocolate money coming out the top. I used a box cake and butter cream icing. The ties on … Read more

Coolest Money and Coin-Shaped Creative Cake Ideas 1

This is a three-layer cake. The two bottom cakes are a little larger then the top layer. To make the silver icing I added all the colours to white icing and mixed them well. The year on the cake is my Fathers Birthday, 1949. He is a coin collector and loves chocolate…

Coolest Money and Coin-Shaped Creative Cake Ideas 2

I used a 13 x 19 cake pan and cut the shape of a dollar sign out of the cake. I had an edible picture made of my brother on a $100 bill and accented it with chocolate poker chips and chocolate cards. This was my second go at a creative cake of this kind … Read more

Coolest Money and Coin-Shaped Creative Cake Ideas 3

I took a 14inch round cake tin and used two cake mixes. I used copper icing dye to achieve the color of a penny. I blew up a picture of my father and tinted it to look like the picture on the actual penny. I customized the cake by writing “In dad we trust” instead … Read more