Cool Money and Coin-Shaped Cakes

My best friend’s daughter wanted a cake having to do with “Money” for her 10th birthday so I found a picture of a money bag on the internet and thought this would be neat to have the chocolate money coming out the top.

I used a box cake and butter cream icing. The ties on the bag are black licorice. For the money sign I just printed off a picture of a money sign and winged it.

Everyone at the party thought it was cool and no one had ever seen a creative cake like this one before so she was a star!

More Money and Coin Cakes

Cake by Kristy R., Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Money-Shaped Creative Cake

This is a three-layer cake. The two bottom cakes are a little larger then the top layer. To make the silver icing I added all the colours to white icing and mixed them well.

The year on the cake is my Fathers Birthday, 1949.

He is a coin collector and loves chocolate…

Cake by Jaime C., Bradenton, FL

Money-Shaped Creative Cake

I used a 13 x 19 cake pan and cut the shape of a dollar sign out of the cake. I had an edible picture made of my brother on a $100 bill and accented it with chocolate poker chips and chocolate cards. This was my second go at a creative cake of this kind and I got many compliments.

Cake by Jaime C., Bradenton, FL

Money-Shaped Creative Cake

I took a 14inch round cake tin and used two cake mixes. I used copper icing dye to achieve the color of a penny. I blew up a picture of my father and tinted it to look like the picture on the actual penny. I customized the cake by writing “In dad we trust” instead of “In god we trust” added his date of birth and wrote happy birthday on it.

This was my first try at a creative cake of this kind and it was a huge success.