Coolest Blue Jeans Cake

Coolest Blue Jeans Cake

I made this blue jeans cake for my daughter Alexia.  I decided on jeans because I love the way she looks in her own jeans! It is German chocolate inside.  The frosting is butter cream tinted in blue or yellow for the seaming.  The button is a  M&M. The star knee patches are cooking chocolate. … Read more

Coolest Miss Me’s Cowhide Bling Jean Birthday Cake

Coolest Miss Me's Cowhide Bling Jean Birthday Cake

I created this Miss Mes Cowhide Jean Cake for a lady’s birthday party. The idea is from the popular Miss Me’s jeans. I baked two half sheet cakes and cut the tops off to level them. I cut up strawberries and added a strawberry glaze and covered the first layer. I applied the second cake … Read more

Coolest Pants Cake 3

Homemade Pants Cake

My sister and I made this Pants Cake for our niece “Capri’s” 1st birthday. It was really simple and anyone can do it too. All we did was bake a white sheet cake, and dumped it upside down onto a cookie sheet. Then we outlined the pant section with baby blue jean colored buttercream frosting. … Read more

Coolest Fashion Jeans Birthday Cake

Homemade Fashion Jeans Birthday Cake

I make this Fashion Jeans Birthday Cake for my niece. She loves bright colorful clothes. She also helped me make it. The cake itself is a strawberry yogurt cake with bananas and strawberries. I baked the cake in a 12×14 inch sheet pan. Once baked and cooled I filled it with the fruit filling. Then … Read more

Coolest Jeans Cake

Homemade Jeans Cake

I saw this idea for a Jeans Cake on the Betty Crocker website and thought it was cute so I decided to make a practice cake. I used a 13×9 pan and trimmed the edges to make the belt and cut the cake in an inverted “V” shape for the legs. I tinted some frosting … Read more

Cool Blue Jeans Cake

Take a look at the coolest Blue Jeans-shaped cakes. You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

My eleven year old nephew was really into Krew skater pants and was hoping to get some (or enough money to buy some) for his birthday. I love making creative birthday cakes, so I made this birthday cake out of a 9×13 cake. I cut a tall triangle out to make the section between the … Read more