I created this Miss Mes Cowhide Jean Cake for a lady’s birthday party. The idea is from the popular Miss Me’s jeans. I baked two half sheet cakes and cut the tops off to level them. I cut up strawberries and added a strawberry glaze and covered the first layer. I applied the second cake on top.

I crumb coated the cake with butter cream frosting and while it was in the refrigerator I took the left over cake from the tops and smashed it all up and added some butter cream frosting to the mix. Once it was completely mixed and in a dough like stage, I started shaping the butt cheeks with it. Once I had the shape I liked, I then frosted a crumb coat over that. Once chilled for about 20 min in the fridge I covered in another layer of butter cream frosting and covered it then with blue colored fondant.

I think made up some brown fondant and incorporated it with some white to make the cowhide print look and then cut it into pocket shapes. I added a flap pocket to each. I added buttons on the side of the pockets and sprinkled them with silver glitter. Then I decorated around each pocket and then tipped each one in silver lust dust for a shine. I lined the jeans with frosting for the seams and decorated the border with white butter cream frosting and added pearls to each loop in the frosting. Where the tag is on the jeans, I added the lady’s initials to the section like a brand, at the bottom of cake I layed out sugar sheet fondant letters and wrote out Happy Birthday Melissa.

This cake was baked in the design of cowhide print, so when it was cut into it looked like the pockets. I was a big hit! Everyone loved this cake. It was a lot of fun to make. The hardest part of the cake was shaping the butt area. But once that was done it all came together perfectly!