Cool Afro Cake

Cool Afro Cake

My dad is a great guy. He is extremely mid mannered, slow to anger, and stays true to himself and everyone around him. I love my mom, too, but she is a bit on the fussy side. My dad is the ” yes, dear” cheery husband. I and my two sisters try to celebrate milestone … Read more

Todd’s Head on a Plate Cake

Todd's Head on a Plate Cake

My name is Bradi. I used to manage a bar in Seattle. Our first year of being open for business, I made the decision that instead of giving gifts to my employees, and spending a bunch of the company’s money, I would make them each a cake for their birthdays. I had 20 employees. Let’s just say … Read more

Coolest Face Shaped Cake

This cake was requested by a client who belongs to a book club. They had just finished “Shanghai Grip”, and there is a scene in which everyone brings a dish to a party. One guest had to bring a cake shaped like an old man’s head. So of course I got the difficult request, not … Read more

Coolest Head-Shaped Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Coolest Cake Decoration Ideas

This cake actually looks like GranFreddie my friend’s father. He was definitely surprised to see himself in a cake. I was asked to make him a cake so was looking for different cake decoration ideas, when I came up with this idea. I used a Wilton Ball pan to make the head. I froze it … Read more

Coolest Head-Shaped Cake Decoration Ideas 1

For the eyebrows and beard I used whip cream and then with a toothpick I just pulled the icing to make it look like hair. The person I made it for just loved it. He didnt want to cut it and he wanted to bring it to work the next day to show off.t want … Read more