Cool Afro Cake

Cool Afro Cake

My dad is a great guy. He is extremely mid mannered, slow to anger, and stays true to himself and everyone around him. I love my mom, too, but she is a bit on the fussy side. My dad is the ” yes, dear” cheery husband. I and my two sisters try to celebrate milestone … Read more

Todd’s Head on a Plate Cake

Todd's Head on a Plate Cake

My name is Bradi. I used to manage a bar in Seattle. Our first year of being open for business, I made the decision that instead of giving gifts to my employees, and spending a bunch of the company’s money, I would make them each a cake for their birthdays. I had 20 employees. Let’s just say … Read more

Coolest Face Shaped Cake

No country for old men

This cake was requested by a client who belongs to a book club. They had just finished “Shanghai Grip”, and there is a scene in which everyone brings a dish to a party. One guest had to bring a cake shaped like an old man’s head. So of course I got the difficult request, not … Read more

Coolest Head-Shaped Cake Decoration Ideas 0

The icing was also Pillsbury, colored with Wilton coloring. I used a wedge from a pack of taco shells to keep his mouth open. The teeth are made of big marshmallows cut in half (length and width). The eyes were also marshmallows cut widthwise in thirds so to not be too thick. I iced over … Read more

Coolest Head-Shaped Cake Decoration Ideas 1

For the eyebrows and beard I used whip cream and then with a toothpick I just pulled the icing to make it look like hair. The person I made it for just loved it. He didnt want to cut it and he wanted to bring it to work the next day to show off.t want … Read more