Awesome Tiered Hollywood Theme Cake

Awesome Tiered Hollywood Theme Cake

This year my daughter decided on a Hollywood Theme.  I decided it had to have Oscars, Lights, Film, all of it!  (And I would say I succeeded).  For this cake, I used an 18″x32″ board because let me tell you, this cake weighs a TON and I needed the stability!  The bottom two tiers are styrofoam cake … Read more

Coolest Hollywood Themed Birthday Cake

Coolest Hollywood Themed Birthday Cake

My Dad’s 80th birthday party had a Hollywood Theme to it. I had so much fun baking, decorating and mounting the Hollywood cake. It sits on a tall tier. In the center is a mirror ball that spun throughout the event (gave that sense of spot light). The cake is a three tier stack, white … Read more

Last-Minute Hollywood Cake

Last-Minute Hollywood Cake

I got a call from a lady I didn’t know telling me that she had ordered a cake from someone who had to have surgery. She needed a cake in one day! Knowing nothing about the family I was supposed to use red and black and a Hollywood theme. I came up with feathers because boas remind me of … Read more

Red Carpet Superstar Cake

Red Carpet Superstar Cake

This cake was made for a 5 yr old that loves being center stage.  He loves music and loves performing. His mom thought that it would be great to have him a “Red Carpet” cake. This is a 1/2 chocolate sheet cake with vanilla butter cream icing.  The decor was pretty simple. The red carpet is made … Read more

Coolest Movie Theater Birthday Cake

Homemade Movie Theater Birthday Cake

This was a cake I made for a birthday gift to my daughter’s friend. I wanted a movie theater glam look. I love using petal dust to get the silver and gold shimmer. This cake was a lot of fun and had a few unique designs. I used edible paint to make the film tape … Read more

Coolest Homemade At the Movies Birthday Cake

Homemade At the Movies Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade At the Movies Birthday Cake as a surprise for a friend. He knows I decorate cakes as a hobby and loves to watch “Ace of cakes”. I used a square cake for the base, covered it with fondant and made the “Film” strip as well out of fondant. The screen, popcorn … Read more

Coolest Hollywood Birthday Cake

Homemade Hollywood Birthday Cake

For her 21st birthday party my daughter was having a Hollywood party theme. She wanted a Homemade Hollywood Birthday Cake to complement this theme. A Hollywood star seemed both appropriate and suitable so using ideas from this site I set about the task. A 30 cm chocolate mud cake was used as the cake for … Read more

Coolest Clapperboard Cake

Homemade Clapperboard Cake

My friend Jay is at university learning to teach film studies. So I thought what better birthday cake to make her than a film clapperboard, personalized to her? She was so grateful to receive such a thoughtful and tasty gift. It started life as a sponge recipe made in a large square cake tin. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Movie Camera Cake Decoration Idea 0

I found this basic movie camera outline in some clip art and enlarged it.I made a stencil by tracing it onto wax paper with a sharpie pen. I then outlined the back side of wax paper with icing gel, and pressed it onto a frosted cake. I Piped in stars into outlined the shape, then … Read more

Coolest “At the Movies” Hollywood Cake Ideas 1

My daughter wanted a “Movie Star” party. So I decided for a Hollywood cake to make a Walk-of-Fame star cake. I used an 8×8 cake and frosted it with white frosting. Then I frosted the star with red and used black icing for the rest. I sprinkled yellow sugar crystals over the entire cake to … Read more

Coolest “At the Movies” Hollywood Cake Ideas 2

My daughter is a HUGE Hollywood fan and movie buff and wanted a Hollywood themed birthday party for her 10th birthday. I wanted to make her a Hollywood cake of the famous Hollywood Sign (one of her most favorite things!). My Mom does cake decorating as a hobby and took on the task. For her … Read more