Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake Photos 11

I used 2 Wilton dome pans (4 domes in each pan), 1 box of cake mix, let cool really well in pan then turn upside down to let the domes slide out, hopefully unharmed. I then used Wilton roll out Fondant icing (a little hint: knead in a little bit of clear vanilla or almond … Read more

Coolest Caterpillar Baby Einstein Cake Photos 2

Using Wiltons Ball pan I baked 5 ball halves, let cool and leveled each one by cutting off excess cake horizontally (from the “bottom” of the body section). I traced the caterpillar shape onto cardboard using the cake pan so I would know how long the board needed to be. Then I cut the edges … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cakes 6

For my daughter’s first birthday party I chose to make Baby Einstein Caterpillar cakes. I got many great ideas and tips for this web site prior to starting my own variation. It was time consuming but well worth all the effort. I didn’t bake the cakes the day before but do recommend it if you … Read more

Cool Homemade Blue, Yellow and Green Caterpillar Cake

Caterpillar Cake

I Should start by saying that I am not, remotely, the cake-making type. I typically would buy a cake and call it a day. But I got inspired by the other caterpillar cakes here and so I went for it for my son’s first birthday. I am so glad I did – this caterpillar cake … Read more

Coolest Purple Caterpillar Cake

Coolest Purple Caterpillar Cake

I made 2 10inch round sponges, used a large pastry cutter to cut a hole out of the middle of the sponges, then cut them in half, sandwiched 2 together to make the arch in the body. Then cut the other arch in two (one smaller than the other) used the smaller one for the … Read more

Sweet Homemade 3D Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake with Smash Cake

Caterpillar and Smash Cake

I made the baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake for my baby’s 1st Birthday. She loves Einstein. I purchased the Wilton’s Ball Pan from Hobby Lobby. And I made up 6 different cakes, and froze them after they cooled just a bit. I did this 2 days before the party. The day before her party, I mixed … Read more

Baby Einstein Caterpiller Cake

Baby Einstein Caterpiller cake

I used the baseball cake pan and made five different flavors. I used bamboo skewers for the support for the head. I had a lot of fun with this Baby Einstein Caterpiller cake. I just used regular butter cream icing. Chocolate for the cheeks and head. I used sugar cookies for the Happy Birthday. I … Read more

Coolest The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

Homemade The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

I was inspired by other cakes on this website and made the body of the caterpillar with a chocolate chip cake in a bundt pan. For the head of the The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake, I used a smaller loaf of angel food cake and cut out the shape of the head. To get the … Read more

Coolest Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Coolest Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake

I made this Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake for a friend’s son’s 1st birthday. I got most of my ideas for it from other submissions on this site! It wasn’t too difficult, but it was fairly time-consuming. The leaf was hand-carved out of a large sheet cake, then covered in two different colors of fondant. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Catterpillar Cake Gallery 11

This was a cake that I made for my little sisters 4th birthday. She loved the colors and thought it was really cool! I got the idea for this cake from the cake gallery on this website and just modified it a bit. I made 6 segments of the caterpillar using the Wilton sports ball … Read more

Coolest Homemade Catterpillar Cake Gallery 0

I made this cake using the Wilton sports ball pans. I used six different cake mixes. Five for the body and the sixth was for cupcake legs-all made the night before. I wanted to do icing stars to cover the cake but I didnt have the patience. I used tip number eighteen to cover him. … Read more