Coolest 50th Birthday Luau Cake

Coolest 50th Birthday Luau Cake

Believe it or not, this was a last minute cake! Made entirely by one person in one week, this cake wasn’t as hard as it looks. I had to take it tier by tier in order to not panic. I started with the bottom, which consists of buttercream and fondant rocks. The rocks were actually … Read more

Coolest Hawaiian Luau Cakes

Coolest Hawaiian Luau Cakes

I made 3 Hawaiian Luau Cakes. The top level is a pineapple. I used a 6″ and a prep bowl to make my cake, with a little carving to tweak it. It is covered in fondant. The leaves are fondant with gum text added to help them harden and keep their shape. I piped my lines with butter cream. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Luau Cake

Luau Scene Cake

I made this Luau cake for my daughter’s second birthday – a Luau Party. A large rectangular cake ( I used Funfetti) and large cupcake, top cut off to make island, were first very lightly iced with cream cheese frosting. I then used blue food coloring to tint the icing to make water, it looks … Read more

Coolest Hawaiian Luau Cake

Homemade Hawaiian Luau Cake

I made this Hawaiian Luau Cake for a bridal shower for my sister-in-law’s friend. Her theme was a Hawaiian Luau. I covered the cake in marshmallow fondant, made the Tiki hut out of a cupcake topped with colored bamboo (they were actually place mats I’ve found at Big Lots). The Tiki torches were toothpicks with … Read more

Coolest Tiki Bar Cake

Homemade Tiki Bar Cake

My sister wanted to surprise her friend Susan with an awesome cake, so she called me. The party was to be held at the pool, and a summer theme was all she could give me to go on. “Oh, and there will be drinks”, she said; so I had an idea to make a Tiki … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beach Theme Kid Birthday Cake Ideas 5

I got this kid birthday cake idea out of a magazine and thought it was great, so when my friend was having a party for her sons 1st birthday I volunteered to make the cake, just so I could try it. The hardest part was finding all the candy, but once I did it seem … Read more

Coolest Homemade Luau Party Cakes 10

This luau cake was made using 10″ and 6″ marble cakes. They were torted and filled with chocolate butter cream. The 10″ cake was covered in blue butter cream waves, and the 6″ cake iced in chocolate and covered with a mixture of graham cracker crumbs and ground pecans. The tiki hut was toothpicks glued … Read more

Tiki Luau Cake

It's Tiki Time!

I created this Tiki Cake for a Father’s Day celebration but it would great at any Luau Party. It was pretty simple to put together: 1. The cake is from a fudge chocolate box mix. I baked three 7-in rounds. I leveled each round. The three rounds were stacked with chocolate fudge frosting between the … Read more

Coolest Hawaii Beach Cake

Homemade Hawaii Beach Cake

For my husband’s 30th birthday, I wanted to do something special. Since he’s originally from Hawaii, I decided to make him a Hawaii Beach Cake. I started with a regular 9” x 13” chocolate cake that I made from a mix. I made tan icing from plain vanilla icing mixed with a little of Wilton … Read more

Coolest Luau Birthday Cake

Homemade Luau Birthday Cake

I iced a 9×13 cake with butter cream icing and airbrushed one half blue then used the flat spatula to make “swirls” and have some white show for this Luau Birthday Cake. You can also spread some clear piping gel over it and lightly airbrush it blue. It gives it a more realistic water effect. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beach Theme Kid Birthday Cake Ideas 6

I bought a frozen cake. I colored 1/2 the icing blue and left 1/2 white. I frosted 3/4 of the unique birthday cake with the blue. I made a curve with the blue icing (made it look like the shore). I frosted the other with the white icing. I then crushed vanilla wafers and sprinkled … Read more