Coolest Tiki Village Cake

Another annual Tiki party, another Tiki cake! Thanks to all on this site for your postings and inspiration. I definitely need to work on my photo skills, the Tiki Village Cake is actually much larger than it looks but with the brownie bites in the front and on an angle, the perspective makes the cake look deceptively small.

This Tiki Village Cake was created using two 8in round chocolate cakes, a vanilla 9in square cake, and 6 vanilla cupcakes to support the overhang. The cake was first stacked in an irregular island shape, then covered with vanilla frosting, and finished with a thin layer of chocolate fondant.

The Tiki huts are ice cream cones baked with vanilla cake inside and covered in yellow butter cream. The roofs are made of cut fondant palm shapes and the huts were sunk into the island base using a biscuit cutter to remove a portion of the cake.

The Tiki Gods, fires, rocks, and flowers are all sculpted fondant with icing details. Piles of yellow colored sugar framed the base and covered the edge of the fondant. The small cupcakes are decorated brownie bites.

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  1. I am going to make this for my daughter’s next birthday. She is really starting to show an interest in decorating and I can get her involved and keep her busy sculpting the creative fondant accents.


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