Coolest Piano Birthday Cake

Homemade Piano Birthday Cake

This was a Piano Birthday Cake I made for my older brother’s 18 birthday because he likes to play piano. The cake itself was just a vanilla sponge baked in a round cake tin. It rose in a dome shape so I cut the top off to get a flat surface, this also left the … Read more

Coolest Grand Piano with Beyonce Cake

Grand Piano with Beyonce Cake

The idea came about when my friend asked me to do a Grand Piano with a Beyonce look-alike for her husband’s surprise 50th B’day party. I love challenges and so I had to find a way to make the Grand Piano stand up on a cake with the figurine on top to make it look … Read more

Coolest Upright Piano Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Upright Piano Birthday Cake Design

I made this Upright Piano Birthday Cake Design for a colleague at work who plays the piano so I tried to make it as much like her piano as I could. The cake itself was a plain buttermilk sponge (a Nigella recipie from Domestic Goddess) that I made in an oblong tray bake tin. I … Read more

Piano Cake

Piano Cake

This piano cake was made by me for a friend of my daughter in elementary school. This girl ended up getting a masters in piano. One of my favorites! Very easy…used the 1/2 sheet pan. Iced the cake white. Using a ruler, I divided it evenly for white piano keys. Then used the ruler again … Read more

Cool Homemade Piano Cake

Michael's Piano Cake

My grandson plays piano and asked me for a piano cake. I baked 2 9X13 cakes. Filled with strawberry buttercream. Attached the cake to the cake board with buttercream, then froze the cake before carving it. Drew a piano template in wax paper and shaped it with the scissors then attached it to the cake … Read more

Cool Homemade Black Piano Cake

Homemade Piano Cake

All this piano cake takes to make is a double layer 8″ cake. I cut out the piano shape just by looking, then covering cake shape with thicker rolled fondant so I could shape it more if needed. The keys are made up of thinly rolled fondant then where each key looks “divided” just take … Read more

Coolest Music Birthday Cake

Allen's Instrument Music Birthday Cake

I made this music birthday cake for my cousin’s 12th birthday. He plays the piano, fiddle and guitar. This is a white cake with white buttercream icing. I used pictures of his instruments to get an idea of how to make them. I then used a toothpick to trace around them onto the iced cake. … Read more