Cool Homemade Black Piano Cake

Homemade Piano Cake

All this piano cake takes to make is a double layer 8″ cake. I cut out the piano shape just by looking, then covering cake shape with thicker rolled fondant so I could shape it more if needed. The keys are made up of thinly rolled fondant then where each key looks “divided” just take … Read more

Coolest Music Birthday Cake

Allen's Instrument Music Birthday Cake

I made this music birthday cake for my cousin’s 12th birthday. He plays the piano, fiddle and guitar. This is a white cake with white buttercream icing. I used pictures of his instruments to get an idea of how to make them. I then used a toothpick to trace around them onto the iced cake. … Read more

Coolest Piano Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Piano Birthday Cake Design

I downloaded a picture from the internet for this Piano Birthday Cake Design, then baked 2 10 x14″ sponge cakes, used the piano picture shape to cut the piano shape, and covered it in black fondant. I traced a template from a picture of the piano keys, then cut them out in the black and … Read more

Coolest Grand Piano Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Grand Piano Birthday Cake Design

My 8 year old son came up with the idea of a Grand Piano Birthday Cake Design for his Dad’s birthday. We came to your site, but my son wanted to make a cake that was entirely edible. So I went to work to figure out how I could do it! I made 2, 8 … Read more

Coolest Piano Cake

Homemade Piano Cake

I made this Piano Cake for my daughters’ friends’ birthday last year. It was my second attempt at a piano cake, and was a huge improvement on the previous attempt. The cake was made with Madeira sponge, cut to shape and covered in white fondant. The lid of the piano was made from flower paste, … Read more

Coolest Piano Specialty Shaped Cakes 1

I then used homemade Wilton buttercream icing to create the keyboard as well as the sheet music and notes. It was an easy cake to make as I copied it from other specialty shaped cakes on this website!

Coolest Piano Specialty Shaped Cakes 2

The cake was done in off white icing. The keys were in white and black. Rosettes were used fro the border. I added homemade flowers from royal icing. This cake was made for my son’s piano recital.