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Coolest Grand Piano with Beyonce Cake

The idea came about when my friend asked me to do a Grand Piano with a Beyonce look-alike for her husband’s surprise 50th B’day party. I love challenges and so I had to find a way to make the Grand Piano stand up on a cake with the figurine on top to make it look real. As her husband is an excellent musician who plays the piano/organ, I decided to emulate the body and facial expression of him in a figure at the piano, which ultimately became an exact copy of him.

I had to make a template of the piano and covered it in black sugar paste leaving a slot for the keyboard to go in. I made the keyboard, cutting each and every note to perfection by hand as I have all the patience in the world. I then made the stool and the figures by hand out of moulding paste and put clothes onto the figures and allowed them to dry over a week. The music sheets were also made by sugar paste and I wrote the note and the titles of the songs “My Girl” and “My Way” on the two pages.

Finally, I placed the figures after the actual lemon sponge cake was made and covered in white. I used black chop sticks cut in half to make the piano stand on the actual cake. The cake became a big hit and my friend could not believe her eyes at the final outcome.

Grand Piano with Beyonce Cake

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