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Coolest Upright Piano Birthday Cake Design

I made this Upright Piano Birthday Cake Design for a colleague at work who plays the piano so I tried to make it as much like her piano as I could. The cake itself was a plain buttermilk sponge (a Nigella recipie from Domestic Goddess) that I made in an oblong tray bake tin. I then cut the cake into thirds and put 2 pieces as the base with the third balanced on top to make the piano shape.

I cut out an oblong piece at the bottom for the piano stool to fit under and used the cake from the cutout to make the stool. I covered the whole cake in buttercream then ready coloured fondant icing in brown. The keyboard was a strip of white fondant icing which I made indents on with a knife to make keys then I piped black writing icing on to make the black keys.

The music was rice paper that I drew music onto (it really is Happy Birthday!).

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