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Coolest Piano Birthday Cake

This was a Piano Birthday Cake I made for my older brother’s 18 birthday because he likes to play piano.

The cake itself was just a vanilla sponge baked in a round cake tin. It rose in a dome shape so I cut the top off to get a flat surface, this also left the edges slightly rounded which looked nice. I then covered the cake in boiled apricot conserve and on top of that put rolled out white regal icing.

I then sprinkled red and silver edible glitter over the middle and used black writing icing to draw clefs and notes to look like music around the side. I did 3 sections of music with 2 treble and 1 bass clef.

The white keys and sheet music were also made of plain white regal icing. I used a knife to score lined for the keys. The black keys and the writing on the sheet music were black writing icing. The pedal were regal icing that I’d coloured grey.

For the main body of the piano and the piano stool I coloured more of the regal icing brown. I then simply modeled this into piano shape although I did have to put part cocktail stick up though the legs of both the piano and the stool.

The keys and the seat also needed support so I cut out cereal box card into the right size and shape, coloured it in brown and put it underneath. It stuck quite easily as the icing was not yet dried out.

After assembling the piano and the piano stool, complete with pedals and sheet music, I simply put them in the middle of the cake at a diagonal angle.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Piano Birthday Cake”

  1. It sure was nice for you to post this lovely cake, and I could feel the love in your directions!! You have a lucky brother, and again, thanks!!

  2. Maybe next time I could have the recipe by this email
    beauty@ilse.zzn.com it is my daughters birthday on february 9th and I wan’t to surprise her with a piano cake she loves to play piano every single morning and evening, every time she plays on the piano she says that she is addicted to piano.


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