Fun Oozing UFO Cake

Spaceship Alien Cake

I made this UFO cake for my nephew’s fourth birthday. He wanted a spaceship cake and my sister knew that I was the one to make it.  After searching the net for ideas I came up with this one.  The cake was made from scratch and baked in a large bowl. I hollowed out the … Read more

Coolest UFO and Aliens Cake

Homemade UFO and Aliens Cake

I got the idea for the cupcakes in a cupcake book but decided to add the UFO. I made 24 full size cupcakes for my son’s class and 12 mini cupcakes and the UFO for our family. I used an assortment of candy, licorice, marshmallows and buttercream icing to decorate the cupcakes. I’ve made a … Read more

Coolest Alien Spaceship Birthday Cake

Homemade Alien Spaceship Birthday Cake

My son wanted an “Alien” themed birthday this year, and I struggled with an idea for a cake- finally I came up with this Alien Spaceship Birthday Cake! I started with a plain, white iced cake. I used Wilton Kelly green frosting color for the trim, using a #16 star tip. The large aliens are … Read more

Coolest Homemade Alien Spaceship Cake

Coolest Spaceship Cake Ideas

My son wanted an alien spaceship cake for his birthday. So, after checking out other cakes this is what I came up with. I used a sheet cake for the bottom with fondant frosting and stars cut out. The alien spaceship is “floating” on a cake stand and is a round cake shaped to look … Read more