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Coolest UFO and Aliens Cake

I got the idea for the cupcakes in a cupcake book but decided to add the UFO. I made 24 full size cupcakes for my son’s class and 12 mini cupcakes and the UFO for our family.

I used an assortment of candy, licorice, marshmallows and buttercream icing to decorate the cupcakes. I’ve made a few cakes and I found the cupcakes a nice change. For anyone not experienced in piping using candy as the main decoration allows any one to make them. I experimented with a couple of different piping tips to make hair/fur.

For the UFO I used a 9-inch cake pan and two mini ball cakes – one for the top of UFO and one underneath to prop up the UFO. As with the cupcakes I used candy and licorice to decorate.

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