Cool Tyre Cake for a 30 Year Old Rev Head

Cool Tyre Cake for a 30 Year Old Rev Head

When I was asked to make this tyre cake I was a bit scared but I went ahead had a go. Many hours later after I managed to get away from Google ( who has a despicably diabolical hold over me), I drew, my template for the rim and hub. In the end I had to ask my daughter who … Read more

Coolest BFG Tire Birthday Cake

BFG Tire Birthday Cake

I baked this BFG Tire Birthday Cake for my fiance’s oldest son for his 18th birthday. They are both big car guys, and could spend hours (and have) in the tire store. The whole family has the same BF Goodrich tires on their vehicles, so this was an inside family joke. The cake is four … Read more

Coolest Tire Cake

Homemade Tire Cake

My son loves car tires and for his 3rd birthday he wanted a car tire birthday. I ended up doing a construction theme with a stack of tires and a construction cone. I made the cake with rounded cake pans, using 2 tops for each tire (10″ cake pans). I trimmed them to fit together … Read more