Coolest Train Cake

Homemade Train Cake

This train cake was made for a customer whose husband works for BNSF as an engineer. The train was made of 2 11×15 sheet cakes, each cut in half (to make 11×7.5) and stacked. I froze them overnight to make carving the front of the engine easier. After trimming, I iced it and covered it … Read more

Coolest Homemade Train Birthday Cake Photos 4

This train birthday cake was exciting and easy to make. To make the three train engines, we used frozen pound cakes. Some we cut in half and stacked and the others were just halves. We used regular vanilla frosting and food coloring to make the Thomas blue, James red, and Percy green colors. To decorate, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Train Birthday Cakes 9

These types of train birthday cakes are so much fun to create! I did it for my sons birthday. I used store-bought white cake mix and baked it in mini-loaf pans. For the engine of the train birthday cake, I used a loaf and then cut a cube from an extra loaf for the back … Read more

Coolest Homemade Train Cake Photos and Tips 3

This train cake was a blast and easy too I must say! My son Peter loves trains (choo choos) so I thought I would make a train cake for his second birthday. I got all my ideas from this website so thanks! Cars are mini loaf pans and I cut 2” off one to put … Read more

Coolest Homemade Train Shape Cake Photos 7

Thanks to this site I made my little boys first train shape cake. I used small loaf rubber pans with butter cake and chocolate cake box mixes. I found that the butter cake mix was easier to frost. I baked the six loaves and put them in the freezer the night before the party. The … Read more

Coolest Train Cake

Logan's Birthday Train Cake

I made Logan’s birthday train cake after viewing cakes from your site. The engine is a loaf pan and then a cut piece of cake on top of that and two Twinkies side by side also. Marshmallows and popcorn are used for smoke as well as billows of frosting for smoke around the train engine … Read more

Coolest Train Mountain Cake

Homemade Train Mountain Cake

I made this Train Mountain Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I used 2 boxes of chocolate cake mix, making 4 round pans (I only needed 3 for the cake). Three batches of chocolate buttercream icing just to be safe (I had lots left over, so probably 2 would do). I used 2 of the … Read more

Coolest Train Birthday Cake

Homemade Train Birthday Cake

I got the ideas for this Train Birthday Cake from several of the other train cakes on this site. Thanks for all of the helpful info! For the tracks I used black Twizzlers and Chocolate wafer cookies and filled in around them with graham cracker crumbs for dirt. The grass is coconut died green. I … Read more

Coolest Train Track Cake

Train Track Cake

Being a third birthday cake, I hired a cake tin from my local cake supplies store for a very reasonable price. I also bought the store’s “utility” cake mixture to take the guess work out and ensure a good result. Otherwise, you could use a butter cake recipe. To ensure the cake slid easily from … Read more

Coolest Train Cake

Train Cake

This train cake is the first cake I have ever made and it was so much fun. It isn’t beautiful but everyone loved it. I used Supreme Moist chocolate and Supreme Moist golden butter cake mixes but I can’t remember the brand. I used 3 loaf pans and one empty sweet pea can. I made … Read more

Coolest Train Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Train Birthday Cake Design

I made this Train Birthday Cake Design by using a large chocolate Swiss roll for the bottom of the train carriage, and baking a normal round sponge which I cut to the desired shapes I needed for the top and the little round cake at the side. I made some chocolate butter icing to stick … Read more

Coolest Train Cake

Homemade Train Cake

I made this train cake for my son’s (who is a train FANATIC) 3rd birthday. The base is two 13×9 cakes laid side by side, the cars are each 1 mini loaf cake and the engine is a mini loaf on its end (held in place with toothpicks) with a cake I baked in a … Read more