Coolest Pastel Train Cake

Homemade Pastel Train Cake

This Pastel Train Cake was pretty simple. I used two loaf pans and an empty, cleaned can of corn. I mixed an ordinary white cake mix and greased my pans and can. Make sure you grease all of the can because most cans nowadays you can’t open from the bottom. You should fill the can … Read more

Cool Homemade Train in a Snow Scene Cake

Homemade Train Cake Design

My four year old son asked for a cake featuring a train driving over a big bridge with a shark jumping out at it! I wasn’t sure that was all possible, but then I found the “No Bake Train Cake” pattern on line and I was set. This Train Cake Design was SUPER easy! I … Read more

Coolest Train Cake Idea

Homemade Train Cake Idea

I made this Train Cake Idea for the son of a friend of mine who loves trains. I baked 3 banana cakes (only because I had lots of over ripe banana’s to get rid of) using a loaf tin and with a coconut cream can that had been washed thoroughly I baked another cake to … Read more

Coolest Train Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Train Birthday Cake Design

It was my son’s 5th birthday and although he was crazy about me getting him a Ben 10 cake, I saw this amazing train cake recipe (I don’t recall now which site). It was easy and simple, frankly I did not work hard on it, it was immensely easy. I’m not known for my baking … Read more

Coolest Train with Trucks Birthday Cake

My grandson wanted a train-with-trucks birthday cake for his 3rd birthday party at his playgroup. He wanted a blue truck for the boys, a pink truck for the girls and a green truck for the adults. I planned the cake long before the time and looked for suitable sweets I could use at every shop … Read more

Coolest Homemade Train Cakes – Photos and Tips 1

For my daughter, Madisons second birthday, we decided to use a train theme. The Choo-Choo train cake is a combination of the many train cakes I found on this website. I used red velvet cake mix to make the train cars baking it in regular-size loaf pans. Be sure to spray the pans with nonstick … Read more

Coolest Homemade Train Birthday Cake Photos 6

This was my daughters second birthday cake. She loved the zoo so we had a “2 the Zoo” train birthday cake. I got the idea from looking at lots of different ways to make train cakes. I made the train birthday cake using mini loaf pans. For variety I cut some of the cakes into … Read more

Coolest Homemade Train Birthday Cakes 11

My son is slightly obsessed with Thomas the train. So I made this cake for his third birthday party. I wrapped Thomas wrapping paper around cardboard for the bottom pieces. I also wrapped a small piece of cardboard for the “roof” of one of the cars and held it up with some frosting and suckers. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Train Cake Photos and Tips 5

This train cake was made using a train pan from Williams Sonoma. I made the vanilla cake recipe that was included with the pan. Decided this wasnt a good idea as the cake was too moist though absolutely delicious. This cake required a stronger recipe to hold up to a lot of decoration including the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Train Shape Cake Photos 9

We made this train shape cake for our sons first birthday. We got the idea for this train cake from this website. We used the Wilton 3D Choo Choo Train cake pan to make the train and two regular loaf pans for the train cars. We used coconut for the grass, Kit Kats for the … Read more