Tye Dye Van Cake

Tye Dye Van Cake

Start this Tye Dye van cake by preparing a white cake mix. Divide into 6 bowls, and make each bowl a different color.  Spray a loaf pan and use about 3/4 bowl for your bottom color, then use a little less of each color as you continue. I realized after I made one that I … Read more

Coolest Camper Van Birthday Cake

Homemade Camper Van Birthday Cake

First and foremost the cake it self is a traditional chocolate sponge. Firstly I made three oblong shaped sponges, once cooled each cake was place don top of each other with a filling of chocolate butter cream. Using a photograph as visual aid I then shaped the bodywork of the van, made three four wheels … Read more

Coolest VW Bus Cake

Homemade VW Bus Cake

This VW Bus Cake took three 1/2 sheets stacked and filled, WHEW! It needed to be tall for all the decorations, iced in buttercream and smoothed out using Rice krispies for wheels and tip #18 in black to cover them. Using a smaller cake to carve out on top for the tent, and using buttercream … Read more

Coolest VW Van Cake

Homemade VW Van Cake

My niece recently celebrated her 16th birthday and her Mum asked if i could do her cake. After a conversation with her I discovered that she is really loving the hippie era (also the theme of her party) and the VW van so her mother and I agreed that this would make the perfect cake. … Read more

Coolest Van Shaped Birthday Cake

Coolest Van Shaped Birthday Cake Photos

This VW Van shaped birthday cake was for a friend who was celebrating her birthday at VW Bug rally. They wanted to surprise her with a copy of her new van. It was made with a 10 inch square cake cut in half and placed on top of each other. I painted the windows with … Read more