Coolest Olympic Mascot Cake

Homemade Olympic Mascot Cake

My boys had a joint birthday party the week after the Paralympics/Olympics wrapped up in our hometown, Vancouver. So they both chose mascots as the shape. I worked from a drawing my seven-year-old did of Muk Muk, who my son says is really, really easy to draw, and I had the stuffed Muk Muk with … Read more

Coolest Olympic Cake

Olympic Cake

My friend’s son had an Olympic themed birthday party. So, I baked an Olympic cake for that. I made a rectangular shaped strawberry short cake. On that, I put the symbol mark of the Olympic game, sports themed hard icing cookies,and stadium and audiences. Olympic symbol and stadium was made with with Italian meraunge cream … Read more

Coolest Winter Olympics Themed Cake

Homemade Winter Olympics Themed Cake

I spent a great deal of time looking for a small skiing figure for this homemade winter Olympic themed cake so I could have a little man skiing down the mountain but could find none. Last night I had a vision and OMG it worked! I made my own skier using a yellow marshmallow peep. … Read more

Coolest Olympics Cake

Homemade Olympics Cake

I created this homemade Olympic cake for a party my mom was having to celebrate the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I made the cake in a large rectangle cake pan using two cake mixes. Once the cake was ready I placed it on a large cake board and iced the cake with white butter cream icing. … Read more