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Coolest Winter Olympics Themed Cake

I spent a great deal of time looking for a small skiing figure for this homemade winter Olympic themed cake so I could have a little man skiing down the mountain but could find none. Last night I had a vision and OMG it worked! I made my own skier using a yellow marshmallow peep. I turned him upside down so the ears of the rabbit became legs of the skier. I shoved a Dum-Dum lolly at the top and made a head, cut arms from the sides and added fruit roll up scarf and accessories. Pretzel ski poles and Kit Kat skis- PERFECTION!

The flags I printed off printer and taped to cake pop sticks. The red “flags” on the mountain were red cinnamon Dentine ice gum. The mountain was made by taking one 8 inch round (bottom layer) and one bowl baked cake. I sprayed the side with green icing spray quickly. I placed the trees (Hobby Lobby) and haphazardly placed some snow-caps around the trees for nature/snowy effect.

The medals were those chocolate coins that come in the mesh bag at the drug store. I used a drinking glass to make the rings so it would be easy to trace and even.

I LOVED the way this homemade winter Olympics themed cake came out!

Winter Olympic Themed Cake

Winter Olympic Themed Cake

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