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Coolest Swan Cakes and Other Child Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Swan cakes shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the child cake ideas here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

And don’t forget… if you end up with a cool cake, have great tips to share or pictures of awesome birthday cakes you’ve made in the past, share them here and be a part of our coolest birthday cake community.

Latest Swan Cakes

Featured Swan Child Cake Ideas

Swan child cake picture by Lynne F., Rickreall, OR

Coolest Swan Cakes and Other Child Cake Ideas

This cake was for a 30th birthday party for a wonderful “swan” I work with. It started with a white cake mix using the Wilton Rubber Ducky mold. I cut off the head and made a slot in the front and on the bottom for the swan neck. The swan’s neck is curved 1/4 inch copper tubing covered with Rice Crispy treats molded to look like the neck head and beak of the swan.

I used white chocolate clay (candy melts and corn syrup) rolled about 1/8″ thick to cover the Rice Krispies. I made fondant wings using the duck mold as a pattern and added a feather look pattern on them with a paper clip. I placed the wings on the duck mold and allowed them to dry in a curved shape that would fit on the finished cake.

I iced the cake and neck with white buttercream adding the tail feathers. I painted the eyes and beak with black paste food color mixed with vodka. I also made gum paste water lilies and lily pads. The sheet cake base was purchased and the cake I copied from a child cake on this site, as we were running out of time.

Swan child cake picture by Lisa G., Auckland, New Zealand

Swan Child Birthday Cake Pictures

This is the amazing Swan cake created for me by the master cake builder Agniszka Zabicka with the help of her two apprentices, Paul and Brent. The Swan’s neck presented a major structural challenge for our cake engineers. A single stick or wire wouldn’t support the weight of the cake and icing and Pau’s idea of covering a sponge cake with pavlova meringue worked to a certain extent but produced more of a chicken-effect than the desired swan-effect.

The problem was solved by crafting the neck and head out of chicken wire then covering the wire in soft white icing (the kind you roll out and it hardens quite quickly). Marbles were embedded for the eyes, food coloring used to tint the same soft white icing for the beak and then black marker used for the black stuff around the eyes.

The cake itself is layers of chocolate and Madeira cake stuck together with marmalade and a bit of whipped cream. The whole body was then smothered in whipped cream to delightful and tasty effect. But the piece de resistance is the lake of green jello studded with orange and purple gummy fish in which the swan is floating. The neck was nailed to a board the board covered with foil and the jello poured half-set onto the board with the swan placed ever so gently in the middle on another layer of foil. The result: Pure genius. The best cake ever!

Swan child cake picture by Pat R., Australia

Swan Child Birthday Cake Pictures

Here’s a great cake – and a lot simpler than it looks!! The cake itself is a white chocolate cheesecake. Half the mix is dyed blue for a water effect, and then swirled together.

The base and sides are a simple mix of butter biscuits, Milo (or cocoa) and butter. Additional effects (strawberries, etc.) were only to make it a little less boring around the edges.

The swan of this child cake is solid chocolate. Pipe the outline of the swan’s body onto some baking paper. Wait until the outline has cooled down and then fill the center in. Repeat until there is a body shape. This obviously needs to be done twice, one side being a mirror image of the other. Once fully cooled, the sides can be joined with chocolate. Some touching up may be needed.

The Swan child cake wings are the same. Draw the outline as detailed as you can – some practice is needed when piping!! Pipe chocolate around, wait for it to cool, and then fill in. Use any colours you wish. White chocolate can be dyed to appropriate colour.

I made 3 wings on each side (more or less can be used as appropriate). Join wings to body with some coolish chocolate – not TOO hot as this may melt your hard work!!! REMEMBER: don’t try this in very hot conditions- the chocolate won’t harden, and your swan will become one with the lake!!!

As I said earlier, it’s not as hard as it looks!! I am not a professional cook nor decorator. But it is a little time consuming!! You really want to start a few days before so you can go slow, and maybe make a few practice wings for this great Swan child cake!!!

Swan Child Birthday Cake Pictures

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