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Coolest DIY Noah’s Ark Cakes and Great Ideas for Child Birthday Cakes

Take a look at these cool homemade Noah’s Ark cakes shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the child birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

And don’t forget… if you end up with a cool cake, have great tips to share or pictures of awesome birthday cakes you’ve made in the past, share them here and be a part of our coolest birthday cake community.

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Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Jenny S., Winter Park, FL

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I made the cake for the daughter of one of my co-worker’s baby shower. It was a yellow cake with a combination of flavors. it was delicious and beautiful. The Noah’s Ark (on top of the cake) was a small shaped cake. I covered the whole cake with rolled fondant. I made the animal faces out of fondant, also the whale. The water of the whale was made of the plastic string that comes with pearls (the ones that you use for bridal bouquets and corsages). The borders were made with royal icing and the blue is edible glitter.

Everybody loved the cake. I’m always checking your site to get new ideas for child birthday cakes!

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Beth L., Stockton, England

Noah's Ark Cake

I made this for a friend’s 19th birthday. You’re never too old for child birthday cakes! Pretty self explanatory really, made base in flat roasting tin then shaped ends, central part is loaf cake with sides shaped for roof. Small cutting of cake made the ramp. All covered in chocolate butter icing and sweets used for roof railings etc.

Tray covered in foil then blue and green icing so animals coming down ramp out of ark onto land. Animals all made out of marzipan then carefully painted with food coloring. Rainbow made of card then taped to cocktail sticks. animals take bit of time but rest is very straightforward!

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Karen L., Pevensey Bay, England

Noah's Ark Cake

I made this cake using an oval tin and carved the sides with a knife. The top was a small rectangular cake. All the animals were made from sugar dough and the cake was covered in chocolate fondant. This is one of the many child birthday cakes that I make!

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Allison B., Florence, AL

Noah's Ark Cake

This cake was made for my twin niece’s on their first birthday. I searched this site for child birthday cakes when I came across a Noah’s ark cake. The top of the ark is made of cookie and held together with royal icing. The animals were all made of royal icing. The boat of the ark is a pound cake with buttercream icing. It was shaped using an upside down football cake. The water is snow white buttercream.

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Debbie L., Perth, WA

Noah's Ark Cake

For my daughter’s second birthday I tried to think of child birthday cakes which are meaningful about two and came up with Noah’s Ark. The cake is two circle butter cakes joined with butter icing and cut into a boat shape. A chocolate muffin was placed on the stern and held into position by a couple of toothpicks pushed into the base of the muffin (and into top of cake).

At this stage I placed the cake on the board and iced with chocolate butter icing. Whilst still wet I broke up flake chocolate bars and randomly placed these to cover the hull of the boat. Using left over flake I crumbed these down and sprinkled them on the arks deck. The deck was finished off with the wood fence. The ocean is blue tinted butter icing which I roughly smeared across the board to resemble water. Darker blue icing and also white were randomly placed to give the effect of waves breaking (especially across and up the front bow of the ark).

Another chocolate muffin was chocolate iced and placed as an island and then the two sides of the board were smeared with yellow tinted butter icing to represent beach sand. The animals, palm trees and wood fences were purchased in Wild Animal packs and then the animals were sorted into lots of two. The animal pairs were then placed in a suitable area on the board – ocean rocky island Ark or land.

If you are looking for easy child birthday cakes, this is really an easy cake to make but it was really hard convincing anyone to actually have a piece as many said it was too good to cut.

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Tammy C., Leesburg, GA

Noah's Ark Cake

I love this cake! I made two cakes (one yellow and one devil’s food). I baked them in loaf pans and froze them. I tented the icings the colors I needed and then thawed the cakes about 80%.

I cut off the corners of one cake for the base of the ark. I cut a rectangle out of the other cake and also a triangle piece for the roof. I stacked them all and iced each layer separately. I used two Junior Mints for the port holes. I baked tiny sugar cookies in animal shapes and decorated them by hand. I put blue icing on the cake board for the water.

It was a lot of work – but worth it! I got some ideas from this site for child birthday cakes. Our son loves his Noah’s Ark toys so we had to make him a Noah’s Ark cake.

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Erin T., Dallas, TX

Noah's Ark Cake

This child birthday cake was fun to make. It was for my cousin’s baby shower. I bought a Noah’s Ark Wilton cake pan from EBay. I did not think it would be enough cake for the party so I also baked a sheet cake to go under it that could also be the background water.

As you can see the background was just a smooth layer of butter cream icing. The ark and animals were butter cream star tips along with a round tip for the facial details and outlines.

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Lorraine G., Greybull, WY

Noah's Ark Cake

I baked a cake in a regular 9×13 cake pan and frosted it. My trick when baking child birthday cakes is using a thematic napkin or plate or a picture off the internet to draw the outline on the cake with a toothpick.

Fill in with the colors and detail and outline with black. I used different tips for dimension and detail. I prefer ‘Duncan Hines’ cake mixes and with any flavor add 1 1/4c water, 3 eggs and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

When they come out of the oven and are still hot press the ‘hump’ down with a dish cloth. You can press fairly hard making sure not to smash it flat, just even the top. I always freeze my cakes and let them thaw 80% before I decorate. It makes that cake more firm and less crumbs. I use a Crisco frosting that my grandmother created and it tastes divine.

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Abi W., Sydney, Australia

Noah's Ark Cake

When my son turned two, I decided to make his birthday with the jungle theme, since he loves all kinds of animals, especially the giraffe, elephant, monkey and zebra. I made the invitations, bought the decorations, but what was I to do with the cake?

So we decided to make one of our own. Since my mom used to make the cake designs for our birthdays when we were little (a long time ago) she decided to do it again for her first grandson.

We decided to create a giraffe, and, using a “Little People” giraffe model, this is what she created.

My mom made two big rectangular cakes and cut them into the different shapes to make the body and face. She then painted vanilla flavor frosting with yellow food coloring and, for the spots, she used chocolate bits.

Everyone enjoyed the cake, since it was one of the most beautiful cake designs and also delicious, so thanks mom!!!

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Gina Q., Sacramento, CA

Noah's Ark Cake

My son’s name is Noah so for his 1st birthday party his theme was Noah’s Ark. I called around to different bakeries for Noah’s Ark child birthday cakes, but they were really expensive so, I asked my father-in-law’s friend to make a Noah’s Ark cake. This was his first time to make a 3-D cake and I think he did a great job!! I don’t know the recipe or the details on how he made it but, I know that the house-part on the boat was made with graham crackers then covered with frosting/icing. The animals are toys (bobble heads) and I forgot to put a dove on the top of the ark.

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Rhia M., Auckland, New Zealand

Noah's Ark Cake

I used two round pans instead of the football pans that the original recipe called for.

I iced and decorated a 9″ cake and stacked on top of it a 6″ cake iced with chocolate buttercream. Insert skewers into the cake to ensure that it stays stable. Stick precut cookies onto a square piece of cake with buttercream icing to form the house. With ready-to-roll fondant, color and shape into desired animals (two of each) and position on to house and on the 6 inch round cake. Make swirls on the 9″ cake for waves.

Everyone thought I had the cake professionally made.

I not only had a lot of fun making the little animals I felt really proud of myself when everyone complimented me on my son’s cake!

Noah’s Ark child birthday cake by Teresa M., Kuna, Idaho

Noah's Ark Cake

The cake uses one cake mix, a white and a chocolate frosting, and a black decorating gel tube. The base of the cake is a 9 x 13 cake with only half of the batter poured in it; cook for about 1/2 the time. The rest of the batter I poured into a round pan and 3 cupcakes.

The round pan was cut in half and the bottom half became the boat and I cut the top half into two pieces. I stood the top rounded piece on edge to form the rim of the boat. I cut the other to form the top. I cut off the bottoms of the three cupcakes for the animal’s heads.

I frosted the base of the cake two shades of blue and used a knife to make waves in the frosting. I frosted the boat with chocolate frosting.

The animals are frosted with colored white frosting and the details are put on using the black decorating gel tube.

Noah's Ark Cake

To get the gray frosting add a little black gel to the white frosting and mix. The elephant’s trunk and the ears of all the animals were made with tootsie rolls that I shaped then frosted. The fish in the water are gummy fish. These child birthday cakes are fun to make!

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