Cool Dragon Cake for a Ninja Birthday Party

Last year my son wanted to have a ninja birthday party.  I couldn’t find a ninja cake that I really liked and could make myself.  I only bake once a year for his birthday and my designs need to be fairly simple to make.

I love using real butter cream frosting, and marshmallow fondant & the kids love the way they both taste.

This was the first time I experimented with using melted chocolate to add details to the cake, and I found that using chocolate is a fairly simple way to shapes for decorations.

Again, my cakes need to be simple – I don’t even know how to use a pastry bag without making a complete mess.

The dragon is a bunt cake and the head, tail, and feet are cut out of cake as well.  The red butter cream frosting is piped onto the body for texture. The eyes teeth and claws are all fondant. To make the wings I drew an outline on parchment paper then piped melted chocolate in the outline. Textured it while it was still soft and then shaped them over a roll of paper towels. When the chocolate hardened outlined the wings and spikes with red chocolate.

To make the dragon shimmer I used the edible glitter dust in red.

The kids loved the cake!

Cool Dragon Cake for a Ninja Birthday Party

Cool Dragon Cake for a Ninja Birthday Party