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Cool Easter Bunny Cake

This is a white cake with butter cream icing. The bunny face is a frozen butter cream transfer. This is my 2nd frozen butter cream transfer. I find they are pretty easy to do and the possibilities of the things you could do are endless.

My grandson usually helps me make cakes but on the frozen butter cream transfer it is a little too advanced for him to help. He did come in just as I was finishing the cake and he accidentally stuck his finger in the border on the side of the cake and he said oops, sorry grandma, but that sure is good!. I just said well, glad you like it.

I enjoy making and decorating so we can make great memories of all the different cakes we make . I am a self taught decorator and love trying new methods of decorating cakes and I think the frozen butter cream transfer method may just be my favorite new way to decorate.

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