Cool Grumpy old Bird and His Side Kicks

I loved this grumpy old bird cake. I have done it so often for friends and family…and they all loved it. It’s very rich and seemed to keep the kids up all night after eating it! I wonder why??but the feedback and the happy faces on seeing it made it all worth while doing for them.

I’m Deds from England, a self taught cook and I love it. I have made many cakes over the past few years. Some help along the way came from my mum, a fabulous cook herself so the basics were handed down to me and cooked many fairy cakes at what age, I cant remember.

So, all you out in this fabulous world of ours, hope you like my grumpy old birds cake, I know very short and sweet, as I’m a better cook than a writer, well I hope you think I am?