Crazy Angry Birds Cake

Crazy Angry Birds Cake

I made 2  9×13  homemade vanilla cakes and sliced them in half and filled them with my homemade cranberry, berries, cherry fruit filling for this Angry Birds cake. I made a homemade fudge dark chocolate frosting to ice the cake .While the frosted cake was in the fridge, I used a recipe for marshmallow fondant … Read more

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Cake Baking Tips

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Cake Baking Tips

Here are some great cake baking tips for a rubber ducky cake. When I became pregnant with my second child I knew no matter what the sex was I wanted a ducky themed baby shower and I wanted to make the cake. I baked two cakes in a half sheet pan and filled and covered … Read more

Easter/Spring Chicken Cake

I made this cake as a spring chicken cake. I used a Wilton sports ball pan. The cake itself was strawberry cheesecake flavored. Once the two halves of the ball were cooled I leveled each half and cut a small piece off the bottom half so it would sit without wobbling and topped it with … Read more

Easy Peacock Cake You Can Make Last-Minute!

Easy Peacock Cake

Here’s how I made this last-minute easy Peacock cake. It was my niece’s sweet sixteen and I offered to make her cake. She has LOVED zebra and pink for as long as I can remember. I thought a couple of zebra stripes on a white cake with pink startips! Easy-peasy, right? Well, when I called … Read more

Owl Love You Always

I had never attempted a 3-D animal cake like this owl cake before. I had tried one previously, but it was pretty much flat to a cake board.   This time I wanted to do something special for my granddaughter.  Her room is decorated with a mural that shows several owls sitting on a limb, and she has a … Read more

Coolest Hedwig the Owl Cake from Harry Potter

I made this cake for some friends of mine.  They just asked me for Hedwig but I got carried away as I am a big fan of Harry potter. So I saw this fantastic cake stand on ebay that looked like a bird cage and that’s when this cake was born. Everything just had to … Read more

Coolest Little Owl Cake

Ok well this was a 9″ Vanilla Cake. Layered with vanilla frosting in between the layers. A pale Blue fondant was used to cover the cake. I sat it on a pink board as it was for a little girl who loved owls. I started by colouring fondant in Red and Green. I then cut … Read more

Simple Homemade Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Coolest Angry Birds Birthday Cake

My boys were obsessed with the new app Angry Birds. This was before anything was out in stores so I had to make everything on the cake myself. All the birds are hand made with homemade marshamllow fondant. I spent a week making the birds after my boys went to bed. I printed a picture … Read more

Cool Duckling Cake

This was the duckling cake that I  made for the kids of my apartment. Exams were over and they wanted to celebrate. Completed the entire thing in flat 3 hours. The kids loved it. It was an emergency order and all that I could think of was to make the cake simple and sweet ….something … Read more

Hand-Drawn Eagle Birthday Cake

After icing the cake I drew the eagle on the cake using the end of a rose nail. I used the grass tip for the feathers and raised it off the cake a bit to give it texture. I airbrushed the shadows with black. The beak was airbrushed yellow, orange, and a little bit of … Read more

Coolest 3D Angry Birds Characters Birthday Cake

Coolest Angry Birds Birthday Cake

I was all set to make my soon-to-be 9 year old a Spongebob cake when we went to pick out his balloons for the party. He told me “Spongebob is for babies”.  Oh boy, better think of something else, and fast!  Video games! Angry birds!  Surprise! It was much easier to make than I thought. … Read more

Coolest Angry Birds 8th Birthday Cake

Coolest Angry Birds 8th Birthday Cake

For my son’s 8th birthday I decided to make his favorite Angry-Birds! He loves to play the game with his great-grandfather on the iPad.  I made two sheet cakes, yellow and devils food. After icing, I used a store bought aerosol icing spray to tint the top green like grass. I then started constructing the main … Read more