This cake was created with love for my nephews birthday. He loves Mator and so I took one of his mator toys and turned four qtr. sheet cakes into the matoor sculpted cake you see. It took me about 20 hrs to complete him with all the prep on the pieces that needed to dry Bars on the back mirrors ect. I hand painted the rust and contrast colors on by hand. The best pasrt about the whoe cake was when I went to bring it to his birthday party I placed the cake on the table and he looked at me so sad I asked him whats wrong buddy dont you like it? He said yes but I thought you were making me a mator cake! I laughed this is you cake buddy he said no its not its a toy! He didnt belive me untill we cut the cake that this was in fact his cake. I consider that the best compliment I\’ve ever gotten! I hope you like him Thanks for looking :)