Coolest Disney Cars Cake

I made this Disney Cars Cake for the kids at church, every 3 months they have a big birthday bash for all the kids who had a birthdays in the last 3 months.

I first baked 3 rectangle cakes, 8×10 and 3 small square cakes 2×4.5. The 8×10 rectangle cakes became the body of the cars and the small square cakes became the roof of the cakes

Lightning McQueen: I cut all the edges of the cake and placed the 2/3rds of the square cake on top of the rectangle cake, not on the middle but a little more on the back. I finshed shaping his body with frosting.

Sally: I shaped her body from the rectangle cake but I made her more oval and placed her roof more on the middle. I used the left over square cake to shaped her back and finish her with frosting.

Mator: I used all of the square cake, just one halve on top of the other halve and even more to the front then even sally and like before finished him with frosting.

After letting the cakes rest I covered them in mm fondant and painted the details on Lightning Mc Queen and Mator. For Sally I mixed the color in the fondant. The windows, eyes, and lights were cut out and then painted. The tires were made from rice krispies. I used a milk lid for the out line of the tires and kept them in placed with tooth picks.

Mator’s crane was made with dowels and covered in fondant. To get the rusty look I covered him in fondant, painted brown on and then wiped it off then I painted black green and blue the same way.

The base for Sally and Mator is 2 square cakes placed side by side covered in chocolate buttercream. The sand is brown sugar and the black and white flag around is a strip of fondant. The rocks, cactus and signs are all fondant.

The base for Lightning Mcqueen is a square cake covered in fondant that I painted a road and grass on. The cup is fondant.

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  1. the most beautiful most wonderful most amazing most creative cake i have ever seen. i wish i lived there to buy that cake


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