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Freehand Minions Birthday Cake

This is a Minions birthday cake I made for a woman who ordered a cake from me for her daughter’s birthday.

Minions Birthday Cake Instructions

  • The cake was marble flavored.
  • I iced and decorated the whole cake with buttercream frosting.
  • I first dirty frosted it and then I started to pipe the design,
  • I freehanded the outline and then piped with tips 27, 19, and 4.
  • The edge was done with tip 4 which I squeezed into a circle.
  • Everything was done freehand. I didn’t trace anything from a design.

I loved making this cake and the birthday girl loved it very much too.

Enjoy making your next cake and I encourage you to try freehand instead of an edible image. It’s so fun!


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