Cool Moonshiners Birthday Cake

My client for this Moonshiner birthday cake is a 9 year old boy who orders his birthday cake from me every year. He’s had various themes, tractors and big trucks, but this year he’s enthralled with the TV show “Moonshiners,” and much to the surprise of his Mom (and me) he insisted on a drunk Moonshiner cooking up a batch of moonshine!

The theme for this cake really stumped me! I literally know nothing about cooking Moonshine. I did a little online research, and much to my relief, I finally came up with a design idea. The still is made with gum paste. I sat the still in a campfire composed of gum paste rocks that form the fire ring, broken Pirouette cookie wafers for the logs and royal icing flames. I used a shredded cotton ball to simulate the steam coming out of the still.

Attached to the still is a gum paste Moonshine barrel. I also sculpted the old Moonshiner out of gum paste. The trees are made with ice cream cones covered with royal icing, and the wood shavings are dyed coconut.

When my client came with his mother to pick up his cake, he hugged me tight and told me it was SO AWESOME! Exactly like he imagined! It made tears come to my eyes because he was so excited and proud of his birthday cake!

Any cake decorator can tell you how many long and tedious hours are spent sculpting with gum paste and fondant, but it’s totally worth the time and effort when your client sees the finished result!

Close up of Moonshiner cake