What Little boy doesn’t LOVE the ninja turtles?? I have made several turtle cakes to date however this was definitely my largest (made to feed 125-150people) so needless to say it was a tiny bit stressful til I got started!! I have two young boys who absolutely love everything turtles so listening to them get excited about every detail I made for this cake definitely made making it sooo much more fun!!!

This cake was huge and Very very heavy!!!! Had to borrow my husbands muscles to help carry it lol. The bottom cake is a 12inch cake iced in buttercream with various edible images around the sides and piped on buttercream details. The middle tier is a 10inch cake with fondant bricks and the birthday boys name in fondant that I cut and made a turtle mask for each letter!!! The top tier is an 8inch cake iced in buttercream with some more fondant details!! The turtles themselves are all handmade out of fondant! I added some fondant pizza slices around the cake (cause it wouldnt be a turtle cake without the pizza after all) and also each turtles weapons all made of fondant!!

This was definitely one of the most fun cakes I made this year and definitely loooved by all who saw it and ate it!!!