Cool Watermelon Cake

I was taken aback when my friend called me and asked me whether I could make a Watermelon Cake. On enquiring why so a watermelon cake, she told me that her son loved watermelon. I was a bit nervous, but took it as a challenge.

To start with I bought a watermelon to understand the texture and colour. I made 2 8inch round cakes and a bowl cake.

For the cake I added pink colour to the batter and to get the effect of the seeds I added chocolate chips. I used butter-cream to fill the cake and added a bit of red colour into it, along with chocolate chips .

Then I stacked each layer of it. To create white rind I used white fondant approx 1/8 thick and covered my cake with it.

For the outer part I used different shades of green. I painted my watermelon cake in stages, letting it rest for about half an hour in between and finally rest it for drying minimum 6-8 hours.

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