This Bag of Potato Chips Cake was made for my boss who LOVES chips. It is french vanilla cake and covered in marshmallow fondant. The “chips” are also mmf cut into circles and shaped to look like chips.

To get the right color of the chips, I dyed the mmf with a tiny bit of brown and yellow. I hollowed out an opening at the top to make the bag appear open and covered the inside of the hole with gray mmf. I then placed about 50 “chips” to make it seem as they are spilling out.

I then cut and shaped the mmf into the logo and red ribbons. I painted on the words “guaranteed fresh date”, “potato chips”,”net wt” and “big grab” with Wilton’s icing coloring paste. The expiration date on the bag was my boss’s birth date.

It was a very large cake so it was funny to make it a 1 1/2 oz. bag of chips. To achieve the shiny look, I painted on butter flavored spray Pam with a paint brush or you can just spray it on, but it’s much nicer to paint it on (I didn’t paint in on over the painted words in fear the it would smear them). It was a big hit!