Coolest 1st Birthday Banana in Pajamas Cake

INSPIRATION: Our boy loved bananas and cream cheese so for his first birthday I made a banana cake with cream cheese icing into a 1st birthday Banana in Pajamas cake. For inspiration I looked though the other Banana In Pajamas cakes made on this website ( and took the plunge into cake making!

METHOD: I photo-copied a picture of B1 until it was the right size and used it to cut out the shape of the cake from two square tin cakes. I covered the whole cake in a crumb cover -a layer of plain colored cream cheese icing using an icing bag (helps the fondant sit smoother and is easier to apply the top layer of icing).

Covered the body with cream cheese icing dyed blue (again with an icing bag), covered the head with yellow dyed fondant (kneed in yellow food coloring and icing sugar to keep the fondant from getting sticky) and made the stripes on the pajamas, buttons and shoes from white fondant. Eyes, hands and tip of head is soft liquorice lengths either rolled out with a rolling pin (for the eyes and mouth) or covered in fondant in the appropriate colors. The letters were a last minute addition with the left over cake and fondant.

TIME: Made the cake two days before the party so in total (including cooking and looking after the baby it took me about 10 hours).

RESULT: Had less sugar and more taste than normal cakes so it all disappeared without a complaint.

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